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How Light Affects Your Choice of Paint Colours

Choosing a paint colour for a space in your home is tough decision. Some homeowners can spend hours agonizing over those tiny paint chips at the hardware store before deciding on the perfect one. How frustrating is it then to spend all that money on paint, not to mention the time spent painting, only […]

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Will pink work boots get through a hardening American border?

Ten years ago, Marissa McTasney sold her first pair of pink work boots – the trademark product of her company Moxie Trades Ltd. – to a U.S. customer through her online store.

But she waited another five years to fully launch into the U.S. market to make sure she had the knowledge base, market […]

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Bring on Spring!!

April has arrived and after a cold and snowy March, we are all more than ready to embrace the spring season. With a few simple changes around the home and a couple uplifting weekend projects, you can easily transition your digs from winter to spring.

Get growing – April is the ideal time to […]

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Founder of Moxie Trades slayed a Dragon, wore pink work boots, stripped down on TV, and ten years later dares women to take on their own fearless adventures

Marissa McTasney, Founder and CEO of Moxie Trades, celebrates the Original Pink Work Boot’s ten year anniversary by observing March 27th as National Day of Moxie – daring women to find and celebrate their “inner moxie”, or the ability to face fear with spirit and courage.

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Take the Moxie Pledge For a chance to win $1000 Moxie Trades Grant

The founder of Moxie Trades slayed a Dragon on CBC, wore pink work boots, stripped down on TV, and ten years later is daring women to take on their own fearless adventures. Marissa McTasney launches the Moxie Pledge and a chance to win grant for tackling fearless initiatives.

Marissa McTasney; Founder and CEO of Moxie Trades […]

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Startup Canada Podcast – Collaborating for Change with Janice McDonald & Marissa McTasney

International Women’s Day celebrates equality, diversity and inclusion worldwide. Championing those working to support women entrepreneurs and business leaders is essential in raising the bar for gender parity. Marissa McTasney, Founder and CEO of MoxieTrades, is passing on the torch to Janice McDonald, Founder of The Beacon Agency to become the new Startup Canada Women’s […]

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Moxie Trades: From the Dragon’s Den to export success

It’s not every day that you slay a dragon.

To subdue the fire-breather, Marissa McTasney needed a great idea, determination, and the intestinal fortitude to pitch her idea to a panel of billionaires on CBC’s hit show, Dragons’ Den, and then walk away when the offer didn’t feel right.

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Teaching Children Smart Money Habits

Teach children smart spending habits at a young age, helping them understand the value of a dollar. Children who learn good money habits are more likely to keep those habits intact well into adulthood.

Encouraging children at an early age, say around six, to set aside money for future use sets the stage for […]

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The Life of a Female Founder – Marissa McTasney

Marissa McTasney is the Pink Work Boot Lady in footwear circles and known in the business world as a woman with moxie. She is the Founder and President of Moxie Trades Ltd.

Moxie Trades is now a multi-million dollar threat in the safety footwear industry and the most recognized brand of women’s safety footwear in […]

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Getting The Winter Blues? Start a Home Decor Project.

If you’re starting to feel a little down or cooped up as the winter months drag on, you’re not alone! With the shortened days and lack of sunshine, many people start to complain of cabin fever setting in come February.

Did you know that your best bet for combating the winter blues is keeping […]

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