2204, 2017

How Light Affects Your Choice of Paint Colours

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Choosing a paint colour for a space in your home is tough decision. Some homeowners can spend hours agonizing over those tiny paint chips at the hardware store before deciding on the perfect one. […]

1704, 2017

Bring on Spring!!

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April has arrived and after a cold and snowy March, we are all more than ready to embrace the spring season. With a few simple changes around the home and a couple uplifting weekend […]

2203, 2017

Take the Moxie Pledge For a chance to win $1000 Moxie Trades Grant

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The founder of Moxie Trades slayed a Dragon on CBC, wore pink work boots, stripped down on TV, and ten years later is daring women to take on their own fearless adventures. Marissa McTasney launches […]

103, 2017

Teaching Children Smart Money Habits

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Teach children smart spending habits at a young age, helping them understand the value of a dollar. Children who learn good money habits are more likely to keep those habits intact well into adulthood.

1502, 2017

Getting The Winter Blues? Start a Home Decor Project.

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If you’re starting to feel a little down or cooped up as the winter months drag on, you’re not alone! With the shortened days and lack of sunshine, many people start to complain of […]